Become a Friend of the Museum

Become a Friend of the Museum
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Or you can mail a check to:

American Museum of Tort Law
654 Main St.,
Winsted, CT 06098

As a Friend of the Museum, you will:

  • Get free admission to the Museum for the year;

  • Receive five transferable tickets for free admission to the Museum;

  • Meet participants at Museum events. Past participants have included Phil Donahue, attorneys Jan Schlichtmann (“A Civil Action”) and Mitchell Garabedian (“Spotlight”), Constitutional Scholar Akhil Amar and Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker, among others;

  • Receive a packet of information about tort law and the civil justice system, as well as a free ‘Friend of the American Museum of Tort Law’ pin;

  • Receive the Executive Director’s annual report;

  • Best of all, further galvanize all of us, by connecting with our work and with like-minded other Friends;

And, as a Friend of the Museum, we hope that you will:

  • Tell your friends, co-workers and relatives about the Museum;

  • Link to the Museum on your website, share our posts on Facebook, retweet us on Twitter;

  • Encourage schools, retirement communities, alumni clubs and other groups to plan tours of the Museum;

  • Spread the word about special events at the Museum;

  • Encourage teachers in your community to teach about the Constitutional right of trial by jury and the civil justice system;

  • Act on any other ideas you might have about promoting the Museum and our work.

    Your support will help us with our expansion plans that will increase our reach with travelling exhibitions, and with a planned new full-size courtroom/ theatre, which will live-stream public events, debates and mock trials, often dealing with cutting-edge issues such as toxins, self-driving cars, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and robotics.

    So please join us as a Friend of the Museum with your help we can fight to protect a right so important to the country’s founders, and our democracy; to the legions of wrongfully injured, and to the health, safety, and welfare of us all. Because Tort Law does save lives.

    We will be announcing the formation of the 2018 Friends of the American Museum of Tort Law by December 11th. We would be delighted to have your response before then.