Death By Rental Car

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"After sisters Raechel and Jacqueline Houck died in a fiery crash while driving a Chrysler PT Cruiser belonging to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, their parents were shocked to learn that the car was under recall at the time for a flawed power steering hose. A small plaintiffs’ law firm, Grassini & Wrinkle, agreed to take their case, filing suit against DaimlerChrysler and Enterprise in June 2005.

Death by Rental CarThe Houck v. Enterprise Case offers an insider’s view of the six-year court battle between the Houcks and the two corporate defendants, who attempted to blame the crash on the sisters.

With a foreword by Ralph Nader, this book uncovers the shocking truth about defective rental cars, deadly malfeasance, and the failure of public policy to close loopholes that allow companies to put profits ahead of consumer safety." Paperback 2015.